Identify and Secure Top Professional Consultants, Full-Time Hires and Techncial Executives

BOON will work with your organization to provide Top-Talent that not only will help you reach your company’s goals, but fit within your budget and headcount needs.  We take a consultative approach towards making sure we provide accurate information about the available talent-pool so you can secure the individual you want on your team.


BOON is skilled in identifying and attracting candidates to join your Full-Time team.  Securing talent has become increasingly difficult while more important than ever before.  Organizations utilized our Direct Hire services so as to:

  • Remain focused on their daily job and expertise, while allowing us to aggressively identify and secure top-talent for your organization
  • Find challenging skill sets to secure 
  • Helping to manage a lengthy hiring-process that can get complex, change and be difficult to communicate clearly through


BOON has strong relationships with Top-Talent that is both interested and available for positions that are temporary in-nature.  We work with our clients who utilized contract employees for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Difficult to identify skill-set
  • Filling a position while existing employee is on some type of leave
  • Key Project with a set end-date and budget
  • Desire to place existing full-time staff on top initiative and utilize contract-employee to manage daily workload


BOON understands how important it is to identify a candidate that will not only provide relavant Expertise, but also is a cultural fit with your organization.  BOON works directly with our clients seeking Contract-to-Hire employees for such purposes as:

  • Wanting to evaluate the fit that an employee is within the organization
  • Allowing time for Headcount approval while immediately getting value out of an employee
  • Beginning the engagement with the intent of only having a Contract Employee, only to learn that a Full-Time arrangement would be preferred by both parties


BOON Executive is an Experienced Search Firm that excels in securing Future Leaders for your Organization.  Working with our existing network of executives, performing detailed Research and being diligent using our Best-Practices, BOON EXECUTIVE can be trusted to execute the most important searches for your team.