BOON Staffing Solutions, Inc. has a proven history in delivering top talent to their customer base.  Our clients know they can trust us to listen, understand their needs and work hard towards securing the type of talent that impacts an organization. 

Here are a few success-stories.  In addition, BOON is transparent about our ability to execute and treat every person we interact with as if they really matter.  We can easily provide you additional references of Customers and Candidates so you know what you can expect to experience when you work with BOON.


Our client produces an industry-leading software program that serves the Auto-Insurance Claims community.  The product literally dominates their industry, but our client is always looking to improve the overall capabilities, while making the product available on multiple devices.

To help our customer BOON was tasked with identifying a team of C# developers, skilled in SQL, WPF and WinForms.  In addition, BOON provided our customer a Front-End developer (.NET and JavaScript), UX Designer and a Development Manager that could lead efforts towards introducing the product onto Tablet technology. 


Our client is one of the best known Non-Profit organizations in the world.  They run operations throughout North America including key Business Operations in Los Angeles.  BOON has provided ongoing support to their Accounting Department as this team experiences growth.  In addition we have been a provider to their Audit teams so as to be fully staffed and prepared for quarterly and year end audits.


Our client is one of the largest Entertainment Studios in the world.  This Studio worked directly with BOON towards identifying a SOX Consultant to help with many ongoing projects that had to be completed by year’s end.  This was an urgent need that we were able to successfully fill so our client could meet the demands associated with SOX.


Our customer has been going through a major internal shift towards the development of their Business Applications and the platform these exist on.  The overall strategy has been grounded in making their business tools more readily available for the agents working in mobile-settings. 

To achieve this, our customer worked directly with BOON towards identifying a team of Node.js Web Developers.  This technology is new and very difficult to secure. In addition to needing talented and experience developers, our customer places a high-value on Cultural Fit.  The BOON recruiting team used all of it’s experience and skill towards identifying the right-fit, helping our customer build-out a new framework that will serve the future of this organization.


Our customer recently ‘went-live’ with SAP in January 2013.  To prepare for the new challenges associated with introducing SAP to their Accounting and Finance departments, this customer reached out to BOON to identify a team that could make a strong impact and help transition the user community towards using this new system.

BOON successfully identified a team of Business Analysts, a Security/Basis resource and a Manager of the North American operations.  This group has played a significant role in helping the user-community and organization maximize the use of SAP, while minimizing overall-anxiety.


Our customer is working through the process of taking their e-Commerce capabilities to a ‘new level’.  Although they presently do over $50 million in e-Commerce sales, the organization is working towards making the overall purchasing experience to be improved.

To accomplish this, our customer worked directly with BOON towards identifying a Front-End JavaScript developer that would implement the vision of the e-Commerce team.  This person plays a key role in executing the vision of the team and organization so the overall e-Commerce initiatives can be realized.


Our customer has been going through extensive growth.  This growth has led to the need to improve the overall capabilities of the Network Infrastructure.  The initiatives associated with this are very technical in nature and required a Manager that could effectively diagnose the existing network, while also designing the network of the future.

Our client worked directly with BOON to identify an expert in Network Design and Infrastructure that could provide solutions and help manage the internal team and vendors towards accomplishing all of these goals.  This Manager of Network Engineering is making a huge-impact towards helping this organization build the type of network that can handle the challenges associated with fast-growth in a multi-location setting.