Staffing Process


Our role is to make sure we understand each and every customer need. This happens through our previous experiences. Our staff is skilled at providing specific consultative advice on how to make sure your role receives the attention it deserves. For each opening we spend the one-on-one time necessary towards understanding the Business Initiative and how an additional Team-Member can serve to advance your department.


Our recruiting team understands the caliber of candidate your company is seeking. We are skilled at finding and attracting the best available candidates and bringing them into your company so you have the opportunity to hire top-talent. Our team has the best available Technical Tools and Networks.  This gives us the ability to locate the most difficult to find candidates in the marketplace.


Our team is skilled in managing the entire life-cycle of the hiring process so as to insure that communication is clear, that all parties are in on-going agreement and that you are in a position to actually hire the candidate you desire. This part of staffing can get complicated quickly. Our team understands the nuances and pitfalls involved, and can make sure that the Interview and Offer process is streamlined, resulting in your receiving the best people quickly.


Our team is committed to putting continuous efforts on every requirement we work on. This includes us providing you candidates for consideration until you have found the person you want to hire. And this is whether you find the person through us or another channel. We want to assure you that someone is putting ongoing effort towards finding you the right person for your opening.


Whether we make a placement for your full-time team, or provide you a BOON Contract Employee, our representatives will remain in communication so as to make sure that everything is going well. This is an important part of the staffing-process in insuring that your team remains intact and that the onboarding process is smooth.