Why I Like to "Like"

As someone in the recruiting industry, I spend a great deal of time on Social Media sites, and primarily on LinkedIn.  With this, I get to see the various updates of my connections and follow their progress, advice, recommended articles and the searches they have going on for their client base.

In context, it is worth sharing that my past-employers in staffing were larger organizations that were focused primarily on winning market-share and slaughtering the competition.  This focus encouraged ongoing competitive behaviors; some of this was healthy, but much of it silly.  This included such actions as ‘never signing your name in at a client site so your competition can’t steal the lead’, and ‘never disclosing your client to anyone as a means of making sure competitors can’t find out about the role you’re working on’.  I’m sure if I gave this more thought and asked around, this list would grow into it’s own blog discussion group. 

Since starting my own firm, I have had the privilege of putting a personal ethical stamp on everything we do.  And what we want to do is help.  Most frequently this desire is met with someone we know, asking if someone they know can reach out to us for assistance towards getting a job.  I wish this worked more than it does.  But often we do not have the role or connections consistent with the moment. 

However…there is something we can do, and I hope more recruiters and talent acquisition firms participate. This is through simply helping people tap into the greater network of recruiting professionals and opportunities.  Now I know, your network is your means of generating monies for yourself and employer.  But there is a balance that can and should exist.

For my old employers, my ‘liking’ the LinkedIn update of a recruiter seeking a similar skill-set, could result in at least a confrontation (care-frontation?) and possibly additional discipline.  This is an example of silly competitive behaviors.  But today, I ‘like’ so my existing network can at least be aware of solid opportunities with reputable recruiters that I have no ability to place myself.  In addition, when people ‘like’ my updates, it expands beyond my existing connections allowing new people to be aware of an opportunity that can make a potential difference in their lives.

A ‘network’ should be something we make available to those in need.  And it is this moment that most people I know in the recruiting industry are strongly motivated by.  I hope we can all strive towards this type of attitude w/o fear of discipline, but with the joy of knowing we may have really helped out someone’s career.  The recruiting industry is so much bigger than one ‘deal’.  It is about authentic connectedness.



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