New Networking: Do the Work, Use your Connections

Generally speaking, Recruiters and Recruiting Firms want to help people out in their job search.  While this might not always feel true due to the Bottom-Line nature of the industry, the reality is that an overwhelming number of Recruiters are in their role because of a deep-desire to help people out. 

Defining ‘help’ has changed a great deal in the past few years.  Recruiters face the same realities we all do with the emergence of technology and a booming market for our industry.  That is, we are all very busy and moving at a pace that makes it near impossible to remember our daily to-do lists.

But the desire to help remains in tact.  This is the nature of the people doing the recruiting role and is a trait that can be positively utilized by a candidate trying to find a new role. 

I recommend that candidates always have 5-10 recruiter relationships at all times.  It is the Candidates Job to keep in contact.  In addition, candidates would be wise to ask these Recruiters for Referrals of other Recruiters.  These referrals should be a combination of Agency Recruiters and Corporate Recruiters. 

For the best relationships, it is always a wise idea for a candidate to send actual job postings of interest directly to these recruiters.  This includes roles that we are not working on.  Candidates would be surprised how closely connected a recruiter is to a role a candidate desires.  At the very least we can often find someone that is actively working on that role or is connected to a key decision maker.

Getting back to the nature of a recruiter.  If a candidate is willing to do some of these things, most recruiters will do their part in helping make connections and giving advice on how to identify a desired role.  There are certain limits as some Agencies will not allow their recruiters to be too helpful.  But more often than not, these strategies will yield a larger network and more opportunities for a role that someone is really excited about.  

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