Holiday Hiring!

It is common in our business to have a discussion about how things ‘slow down’ around the end of the year.  Some of this is understandable as it is common for many people to desire rest, to slow down, to enjoy family and get ready for the New Year.  However, in the Staffing Industry, our experience has been a bit different and we often find hiring to have an aggressive quality to it. 


For many companies, the end of the year is also the end of the Fiscal Year.  Companies often operate with a yearly budget that stands to be renewed, and within this budget is Headcount for full-time employees and Consulting monies. 


These line-items are a topic of ongoing internal discussion.  Line managers feel the need for additional staffing, whereas Division leaders want to control expenses and make sure the hiring need is warranted.


What practically happens for some companies is a mad-rush to hire someone before the end of the year. 


In 2012, December was our busiest month.  This remained busy even though we partner with many companies that ‘shut-down’ the last 2 weeks of the year.  We were busy because our clients wanted to hire anyways, and NEEDED to hire quickly due to a fear they would lose the opportunity to hire the following year.


For a candidate this is important information.  If you are feeling that you want to make a career change, don’t wait.  Don’t let the Seasonal Perception that things ‘slow-down’ hold you back.  While many companies will tell you that they just don’t hire much after mid-November through mid-January, a hand-full are very aggressive. 

These include not only companies with budgetary-concerns, but also companies that are aggressive about growth, hungry for talent and see the ‘slow-down’ as an opportunity to get the best available person. 


Our advice is…use this time!  It slows-down for many, but not for all.  And we made some of our best placements through the Holiday Season. 


Happy Holidays.

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