Hire Talent

Applications - Build the Best Technical Tools.

We have skilled Developers, Analysts, Testers and Architects that can make sure your User Community has the very best Applications for their daily duties.   Our recruiters are well-connected and able to help you attract such skill-sets as:

  • Applications Development – C#, .NET, Java, Javascript
  • Applications Architecture
  • Quality Assurance Testing – Manual and Automated
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
  • Project Managers

Web Development and Design – Mobile. Web. The Future.

We have skilled Web and Mobile Developers, UX Designers, SEO and Analytics experts that can make sure your Web Presence is strong, clear and attracting your desired target community.  Our recruiters represent talent and opportunities for candidates skilled in:

  • Web Developers – Node.js, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Jquery, .NET, Flash, Ruby-on-Rails, Silverlight
  • Mobile Developers and Designers – iOS and Android
  • UX Designers
  • SEO experts
  • E-mail Campaign Marketing Managers
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Producers and Project Managers

Network Infrastructure – Faster, Secure, Reliable. 

We have skilled Engineers, Administrators and key Support Professionals for your ongoing Infrastructure Initiatives.  Our team can help you identify and secure such skill sets as:

  • Desktop and Helpdesk Support
  • Network Administration
  • Network Engineering, Architecture and Optimization
  • Network Security
  • IT Project and Program Management
  • Virtualization Engineers – VM Ware, Citrix
  • Cloud Computing Initiatives – Dev Ops

Technical Executives - Your future leaders

We are skilled in being your partner for Contained AND Retained Searches that involve identifying Top Leaders for your Organization.  Our processes and team are designed to provide you a reliable experience and introduce you to leaders that will impact your team for years.