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To Share, or not To Share...

At a very early stage in my career (I feel the need to qualify this now) I played a key role in having someone fired for sharing a Candidate’s information with a competitor. The competitor had a new opening, but the firm didn’t have the expansive database that we had.  The recruiter from that competitor used to work for our firm, and decided to reach out to a recruiter presently working for us to ask... [more]

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Dear Senior Managers and Above: You're Linked - but are you Connected?

One of my most common interactions is with an existing or former client that has either been laid-off or decided they need to move on from their present role for a variety of reasons.  When this happens, this person will often do what most people do and try to find general openings on the Job Boards and/or Internet. 

This quickly becomes a frustrating experience for many obvious reasons that include Job Boards are flooded with candidates,... [more]

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Why I Like to "Like"

As someone in the recruiting industry, I spend a great deal of time on Social Media sites, and primarily on LinkedIn.  With this, I get to see the various updates of my connections and follow their progress, advice, recommended articles and the searches they have going on for their client base.

In context, it is worth sharing that my past-employers in staffing were larger organizations that were focused primarily on winning market-share and slaughtering the competition. ... [more]

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2014 Resolutions: Success vs. Craft

It is now February.  For many, New Year’s Resolutions have either taken a firm root or have already been forgotten promises made only a month ago.  There is something in our core that craves these resolutions.  Each New Year’s Eve show with Ryan Seacrest tends to follow a pattern of a dropped ball (apple), cheers, kisses, champagne and…hope.  This hope for a New Year or, New Start is really normal and widely shared. 

As someone in... [more]

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New Networking: Do the Work, Use your Connections

Generally speaking, Recruiters and Recruiting Firms want to help people out in their job search.  While this might not always feel true due to the Bottom-Line nature of the industry, the reality is that an overwhelming number of Recruiters are in their role because of a deep-desire to help people out. 

Defining ‘help’ has changed a great deal in the past few years.  Recruiters face the same realities we all do with the emergence of technology... [more]

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Holiday Hiring!

It is common in our business to have a discussion about how things ‘slow down’ around the end of the year.  Some of this is understandable as it is common for many people to desire rest, to slow down, to enjoy family and get ready for the New Year.  However, in the Staffing Industry, our experience has been a bit different and we often find hiring to have an aggressive quality to it. 


For many companies,... [more]

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